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Photography is the art of telling stories through images. We invite you to discover together with us the principles that lay the foundation for exceptional photos, whether they are related to the technical aspects (photo camera, exposure, composition) or to the creative part (symbolism, sensory elements, visual harmony, emotion or mood).

Thus, we offer a diverse range of classes, such as Individual Classes, Masterclasses, Workshops, Photo Tours, Group Classes, classes for children and teenagers, so that you can choose the one that is right for you in order to improve the type of photography which you love.

We believe that photography is the art of seeing, feeling, paying attention to details, and communicating visually through the most widely known language, the visual language. Our mission is to help you unravel the mysteries of photography and to discover yourself.

Alongside us, you will learn how to express yourself visually, how to find your own style, how to communicate more easily your ideas, emotions, or events you happen to witness.

Photography is the art of telling stories through images. Our mission is to help you unravel the mysteries of photography and discover yourself.

PhotoInsights Academy helps you:

  • tell unique stories through your pictures;
  • capture common things in an uncommon manner;
  • paint with light and use symbols to express your vision;
  • anticipate key moments and capture your subject at the crucial instant;
  • communicate with your subject in a simple and empathic manner;
  • edit the captured image in a way that is consistent with the intended genre;
  • build your portfolio from scratch in an organised, logic, and simple form;
  • edit your images based on your preferred type of photography.

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your journey in the fascinating world of photography or you’ve already started showcasing and publishing your works, you are welcome in the beautiful community of PhotoInsights Academy. Our academy provides classes for all categories, regardless of age and level of expertise, both online and in the classroom.

In line with the advancements in technologies, photography has become a necessity and a language of communication. Thus, most people wish to know the fundamentals of photography, to handle a manual photo camera and to know the basic principles of editing. At PhotoInsights, this technical foundation makes up only 10% of what you are going to learn.

We focus on harmony, simplicity, and the ability of the photographer to convey emotions, moods, stories, and authentic experiences. If you master the technical aspects, you can produce correct photographs, but only an artistically educated eye can create a memorable picture that makes the viewer feel, think, admire an attitude or imagine a story. PhotoInsights Academy is the ideal place to educate yourself visually, by studying famous works, acclaimed artists, trends, genres, schools, movements, or periods.

Our attention is focused on you. A happy photographer is one who loves what they’re doing, whose works show a reflection of themselves, and has an impact on their community. At PhotoInsights, you will discover your favourite photographic genre, so that you will be able to express yourself and bring to fruition your creative abilities. If you’ve already found this genre, then you can participate in thematic classes or photo tours, which are focused on your genre of choice. Furthermore, you will meet photographers of the same age as you, with shared interests, and alongside them you will grow, exchange experience and learn to work in a team.

Luiza Marinas

Trainer coordinator

Luiza Marinas (born 1987) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialised in portrait photography, documentary and fine art. She started photography in 2007 when she decided to capture in images, the places where she was traveling at that time. But travel photography was not enough so she started to challenge herself with different projects. She is an avid explorer, travelling and documenting people and places from Romania, Nepal, Argentina, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan, Mongolia and many others..
Her pictures were published in many publications, including National Geographic, Fine Art Photo, Dodho Magazine and Bored Panda. She is the author of several personal and group exhibitions in Romania and abroad. She has several photography awards inclusive 3rd place on National Award, on Sony Photography Awards, 2014.
Luiza is the coordinator of one of the biggest photography schools in Romania, where she teaches courses and workshops. Till now she was leading photo tours in many parts of Romania, but also foreign countries. She visited and photographed till now more than 20 countries

More info here and on her facebook page.


Luiza’s Statement:

During my childhood I traveled a lot and sincerely, because I couldn’t afford a camera, I was always trying to get the photos from friends and relatives. After I went to college, where I learned important things that formed me in the one I am today, took some dance and music lessons, read some books…. and suddenly I was a grown up. Several years ago I started playing with photography, which led to where I am right now.

As we pass by life most of us forget to open our eyes and see. Since I put my hand on a camera, I started to see the world in a different way, a way that I couldn’t describe in words. Photography is more than technique and composition.
Photography “speaks” through light and shadows about emotions, moments, inner feelings, life style, cultures and customs. It speaks about life, and this is what I love and want to express through my images.

I always aim to create images in which each viewer can find himself in a certain stage of life. I started photography in 2007 when I decided to capture the places where I was traveling. I travelled and pictured people and places from Romania, Mongolia, Nepal, Argentina, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many many others. But travel photography was not enough so I entered shyly in the stunning world of fine art photography/portraits. I have tried almost all types of photography but none of them fascinates me enough as portraiture, being documentary, fine art or conceptual. We, as human being, are beautiful and that is reflected through our eyes, through our features, through our gesture.

It is stunning just to stay and observe, and then capture it and show it, in order to open the eyes of everybody towards the beauty that is around us. I started photography because this is the only way to express what I see, feel, think, to make public my inner being, my state of mind. And it is an unbelievable stunning feeling when you show your work and people find themselves in it, in that pictures, in that moment.


One to one classes with Luiza

Luiza Boldeanu is extremely passionate about photography. She guided me over a year through all facets of photography and editing processes. She is extremely dedicated in the way she prepares the course, very patient in her explanations and spotting the areas where we needed to put additional effort, in giving feedback.

Under her close up guidance I managed to develop my photographic technique, improve my knowledge, and better apply my knowledge in practice. She is able to both praise your work and give you the right impulse to continue in seeking improvement but also to objectively criticize when it is needed.

I fully recommend Luiza to all of those who want to step in the amazing world of photography, those waho want to refresh or improve their knowledge. Thank you Luiza, for all I have learned from you and for giving me the courage to believe in my talent and my artistic eye.

Alesandra Smit Munteanu

The 2018 Corbu Verde summer school

What I liked best was the opportunity to do something artistic and learn how to do it better. I enjoyed about different ways to do photography. I learned that photography can give off sensations as well as emotions, and chaching is very important.
I understood that photography helps me capture a real moment and immortalise it, communicate an emotion or simply to keep a rememberance.

Mara Optasanu