Travel photography course

Travel photography course

Get inspired by traveling. Discover the essence of new places!

PhotoInsights Luiza Marinas (Boldeanu)

One to One Photography Classes are the perfect solution for you to learn photography fast, comfortable and efficient. Being a customised individual class, the teaching method is adaptable according to your level, your pre-existing knowledge and the type of photography you love.

Travel photography gives you a series of advantages aiming to guide your development as a photographer and as a human being. The course herein helps you become a better storyteller of the events around you, teaching you how to describe a scene without getting lost in detail.

The curriculum of the course is for informative, the curriculum being flexible and established together with the trainer.


Travel photography individual class includes:

  • Portfolio assessment
  • 42 intensive study classes
  • Digital support for all lessons
  • Feedback throughout the course
  • Certificate of completion
  • Opportunity to be published in the *Photo Insights Online Gallery*
  • The chance of having your most beautiful photographs published in the annual magazine PhotoInsights
  • The possibility for your best works to be exhibited at the annual PhotoInsights exhibition


You will learn to choose the right equipment for the trip, how to take photographs in different weather conditions and locations, how to communicate with locals and how to achieve an authentic rendition of what matters and deserves being remembered. You will also learn to select your final photos and edit them in order to highlight the most important and the most significant moments.

The individual travel photography class course will last 14 weeks. Every week there will be a 3 hour course session. Since this is a one-on-one course, we will establish together the schedule depending of your program, this class aiming to help you learn in the most comfortable way.


The main topics that you will learn are:-

  • Photographic vision,  inspiration and authenticity
  • Barriers of sight, creativity and confusion;
  • Choosing your photo equipment;
  • Design and visual harmony
  • Light and its  characteristics
  • How to capture emotion. How to tell a story
  • Communication: language or cultural barriers.
  • Your story vs your goal
  • The intimacy of photography and the visual essay

You can go through the full curriculum of the course in the next section. We would like to remind you that the schedule is flexible, and can be amended according to your needs and preferences. All courses are accompanied by supporting documents, practical advice, case studies and feedback. Moreover, you have the opportunity of being published in the PhotoInsights online gallery, and your best works could be included in the annual PhotoInsights exhibition.

The individual class of travel photography provides a complex method of learning how to discover new ways of seeing things, of getting inspired and of becoming a better photographer. These are intensive courses with an interactive teaching method, every lesson being accompanied by study and constructive feedback, so that you can learn step by step what a good quality visual story means, what the main features of your subject are, how to capture people’s emotions and the cultural aspects of that place, how to prepare and compose a photograph so as to make a maximum impact on the viewer.

We designed the curriculum so that it is as easy as possible for you to cover all stages. The schedule will be set together with the trainer.

1. Searching the perfect subject

The vision
Vision obstacles
Inspiration and authenticity
Creativity and confusion
How do you define the perfect subject

2. The artist, camera and other essentials means

How do we see through different lenses
The equipment you need
Perfect exposure vs correct exposure
Light as a composition element
The importance of shadows

3. The 4 principle of photography

Subject and idea
The form, angle and the distance
Distractions elements
What do you exclude from an image
The moment
Leading lines

4. Composition. Design elements

Composition challenges
Visual harmony and equilibrium
Breaking the rules

5. Searching the perfect light

Understanding the magic of the light
Types of light
Light direction
Light characteristics
Adding the sensory factor
Tips and tricks

6. Capturing stories

Observing the locals and their culture
Cultural and linguistic barriers
Approaching the subject
What is dominance

7. Subject's environment

Why details matter
Let it breath. Take a step back
The conflict. Using the contrast
Minimalism in travel photography

8. Meaning as interpretation. The symbol

The symbol
Color shades
The tight relationship between colors
Visual grammar
Studying sensations
Visual communication instruments

9. The story and its purpose

The research
Subject exploration
Patience, intuition and anticipation
Searching the order in the chaos

10. Searching the intimacy of an image

Seeing the big picture
Beyond what it look like
Universal themes
Your picture mystery
Seeing without the camera

11. The structure

Visual essay
The project VS Best of
The selection

12. Ethics and morality

The need of morality
Why empathy. How to understand our subject
Controversial topics
Personal development

13. Elements of post processing

Preparing the image in Camera RAW
Adjustment tools
Color correction
White balance

14. Feedback

Tips and tricks
What is next

Photo equipment

You will need photo equipment, preferably a DSRL camera with different lenses, regardless of focal distance. You will also need a few accessories: tripod, an accumulator, an external hard drive for storing your photos, a spare memory card, laptop (or computer) and a bag or backpack to carry your equipment in all kinds of weather conditions.


PhotoInsights Academy is engaging to provide qualitative services across the board, photography courses or workshops. All the information presented during our courses and workshops will help your further development and improve your knowledge in the field. All the services we offer are subjected to the provisions below, and to the Service Agreement to be concluded between you and us. You implicitly accept these conditions when you fill out the registration form and make the advance payment.

All private data provided by you during any activity organized by PhotoInsights Academy, upon registration and during our collaboration, is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes than those related to the activities of the Academy. It will not be disclosed to third parties. For more details, please read the PhotoInsights Confidentiality Policy.


Fee: 1400 Euro
Initial deposit: 25% from total value
For full payment you benefit from a 10% reduction of the total cost of the course.
Signing up at individual courses can be done at any time
Number of seats: Being an individual course, starting the class will depend solely on your own and the trainer’s availability. At the time of signing up, you will be contacted by the trainer directly.


The fee includes:

  • Portfolio assessment
  • 42 intensive study classes
  • Digital support for all lessons
  • Feedback throughout the course
  • Certificate of completion

The price does not include:

  • Anything not stated as included.

Payment terms

The advance payment/ initial deposit is due at the time of registration.
If you reserved your place by means of a deposit, the remaining amount must be paid by at least three weeks before the commencement of the course. If you have not paid the entire amount by this date, you lose your deposit as well as your place, except for one-on-one classes, where the payment can be made in four instalments.
For full payment you receive a 10% discount from the full price of the course.
The price of the Agreement is calculated in Euro – payable in Ron equivalent at the BNR exchange rate on the invoicing date.

Payment methods and registration

After filling out the form, you will receive a notification confirming your registration, and you will be contacted by an Academy representative.
Payment can be made by bank transfer into our account opened with ING Bank Bucharest or online, by bank card, as following:

  • Online, by bank card, via Paypal, the payment processor who processes and issues the payment documents.
  • Payment by bank transfer, in which case the processing and the payment documents are issued by the supplier. The details of the payment by bank transfer will be communicated to each participant after registration.
  • Online, by bank card, via EuPlatesc (Visa/Maestro/MasterCard).

If you have chosen to pay online by bank card, you must fill out a form with your payment information on the secured website of the payment processor.
Payments by Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) are made via the “3-D Secure” system, created by organizations ensuring the same level of security for online transactions as those carried out from an ATM or physically, at the supplier’s cash register.
“3-D Secure” ensures first that no information related to your bank card is transferred or stored at no time on the servers of the store or the payment processor, being introduced directly into the Visa and Mastercard systems.
For card payments, no commission is charged!
A deposit of at least 25% is required in order to reserve a place in the course. Registration/reservation is considered valid only when the advance/deposit is paid.

Workshop and course cancellation policy

We understand that circumstances may arise in which cancelling a course is inevitable. However, one month before the commencement of a course, all financial arrangements have already been made, and the payments become fully or partially non-reimbursable. Thus, the following conditions apply at the time of cancellation:
More than four weeks before the event – Full reimbursement, minus the deposit.
Between one and four weeks before the event – Reimbursement of 50% of the fee.
Less than one week before the event – Payments are non-reimbursable.
All deposits are non-reimbursable.
Cancellations must be confirmed in writing at

Health conditions

By filling out the registration form and making the advance payment, participants certify that they do not suffer from any mental illnesses or any other disabilities that could create a risk to themselves or to other participants. We reserve the right to request a medical certificate in support of an applicant’s statement.
Once the applicant has been registered, medial circumstances are considered exceptions from the enforcement of cancellation policies only if a relevant medical certificate indicating the impossibility to participate is submitted. In this case, we reserve the right to return a certain quantum of our fee, according to the date of cancellation.

Luiza Boldeanu (born 1987) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait photography, documentary and fine art. She started photography in 2007 when she decided to capture in images, the places where she was traveling at that time. But travel photography was not enough so she started to challenge herself with different projects. She is an avid explorer, travelling and documenting people and places from Romania, Nepal, Argentina, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan, Mongolia and many others..
Her pictures were published in many publications, including National Geographic, Fine Art Photo, Dodho Magazine and Bored Panda. She is the author of several personal and group exhibitions in Romania and abroad. She has several photography awards inclusive 3rd place on National Award, on Sony Photography Awards, 2014.
Luiza is the coordinator of one of the biggest photography schools in Romania, where she teaches courses and workshops. Till now she was leading photo tours in many parts of Romania, but also foreign countries. She visited and photographed till now more than 20 countries.

More info here and on her facebook page.

Portofolio here and below.


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One to one classes with Luiza

Luiza Boldeanu is extremely passionate about photography. She guided me over a year through all facets of photography and editing processes. She is extremely dedicated in the way she prepares the course, very patient in her explanations and spotting the areas where we needed to put additional effort, in giving feedback.

Under her close up guidance I managed to develop my photographic technique, improve my knowledge, and better apply my knowledge in practice. She is able to both praise your work and give you the right impulse to continue in seeking improvement but also to objectively criticize when it is needed.

I fully recommend Luiza to all of those who want to step in the amazing world of photography, those waho want to refresh or improve their knowledge. Thank you Luiza, for all I have learned from you and for giving me the courage to believe in my talent and my artistic eye.

Alesandra Smit Munteanu

The 2018 Corbu Verde summer school

What I liked best was the opportunity to do something artistic and learn how to do it better. I enjoyed about different ways to do photography. I learned that photography can give off sensations as well as emotions, and chaching is very important.
I understood that photography helps me capture a real moment and immortalise it, communicate an emotion or simply to keep a rememberance.

Mara Optasanu